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How to get to Ljubljana

By plane with the following airports in the vicinity:

  • Ljubljana Airport - Letališče Jožeta Pučnika, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Trieste Airport, Italy

  • Treviso Airport - Aeroporto di Treviso, Italy

  • Zagreb Airport - Franjo Tuđman Airport Zagreb, Croatia

The transport from the airport to the city center can be selected in the registration process or you can arrange it on your own with transportation companies: GoOpti, FlixBus, Nomago Shuttle, ZUP Prevozi, Easydrive, etc.

By train:
The main railway station in Ljubljana is located 650 m from the Grand hotel Union, approximately 10 min walk.

By car:

  • A1 from Koper/Capodistria to Ljubljana

  • A5 (Pince-Dragučova) or A4 (Gruškovje-Slivnica) onto A1 from Šentilj to Ljubljana

  • A2 from Karavanke tunnel to Ljubljana

  • A2 from Obrežje to Ljubljana


Source: Wikipedia

How to get around Ljubljana

Most of the things in Ljubljana are within the walking distance. For more tourist information we kindly invite you to visit website VISIT Ljubljana and the office of Ljubljana Tourist Information Centre (TIC)

If you will want to use the public transportation for going around the town, you will need URBANA single city card.

URBANA single city card can be purchased and topped-up at the:

  • green stand-alone machines (Urbanomats) which are mm ostly found near bus stops,

  • LPP Info Point (Slovenska cesta 56, 1000 Ljubljana),

  • Ljubljana Bus Station,

  • tobacconists and newsagents, and

  • Tourist Information Centres.

Urbana enotna mestna kartica.png

One ride on all LPP lines (green buses) cost 1.30 € and the ticket is valid within 90 minutes from the time of the first validation, also in the case of switching the buses. However, the validation of the card is mandatory on every bus ride.

More about Single city card URBANA can be found at LPP and in the leaflet.

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