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Thanks to the Sponsorship of "The Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water", the Association of Chemistry and the Environment will award eight prizes for outstanding contributions of young scientists.

Two awards for the best oral presentations  (500 € each) and six awards for the best poster communications (250 € each) will be selected by the Scientific Committee. Winners will be announced during the Closing ceremony of EMEC22.




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Science on the Street, Knowledge and Ideas on the gois an action launched by Slovenian scientists from the Jožef Stefan Institute dedicated to promoting science. Since 2013, they have organised evening popular scientific talks "A Cup of Science" in various public places – galleries, cafes, city squares, etc. Their goal is to broaden the popular understanding of science.

Besides talks, the Science on the Street team organises a well-known "Science Slam". They manage a blog where researchers can present their research in a way that is suitable for both, scientific and non-scientific audiences, and organise contests for the best science story, poetry, photo, video or idea, as well as round tables.


Two awards for the best poster communication (250 € each with promotional material) will be selected by the Science on the street committee. The awards will be given to presenters for the best scientifically communicated poster. Winners will be announced during the Closing Ceremony of EMEC22.

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